Dear Everyone

Write your letter to the world

You have something you want to put online. Your résumé, your bio and socials, or a list of useful resources. It doesn’t have to be fancy — just published, findable, and shareable.

You look at a few website-builders and quickly realize that building a website takes time — an entire weekend at least — to make design decisions and fuss with technical settings. So you get overwhelmed and quit, or you barely get started.

All you want is a simple, minimal web presence so you can make connections, get hired, or just share something useful with the world.

Introducing Dear Everyone: the web presence for people that don’t have time (or don’t care) to learn web design.

A Dear Everyone site is straightforward, accessible, responsive, and launched immediately. No choosing a template, no worrying about logos and images and fonts and layouts and all of the other things you need to think about when you’re designing and building a website.

Just a simple, well-formatted document that you can launch and edit with ease – no computer required (it’s phone-editable).

Launch today for 29 USD. Get started here.